Holidays made easy 

Yes you guessed it?

Farm minder and House sit network ,here to help you tick your boxes in your holiday checklist.

Every year it feels like the holidays sneak up on us. We take necessary precautions yet we fequently feel like we are missing something.

While your holiday preparations are most likely long underway, a last minute checklist will help any over looked ground and give you peace of mind while you are away on holiday.

Your holiday checklist may look something like this.

1: Make an arrangement with a suitable boarding establishment for the care of your pets

2: Make arrangement for your livestock care.

3: Cancel newspaper delivery.

4: Make an arrangement with your post office to hold all mail while you are away on holiday.

5: Unplug all non- essential appliances.

6: Turn off water to dish washer and washing machine so as you don't come home to a flooded home.

7: Make sure that all outbuildings are securely locked.

8: Contact your insurer as some insurance policies have a clause that will void coverage if your property is left unoccupied and unattended for extended periods of time.

This is where Farm Minder Services Town and country house sit network can help you make your holidays run easier for you plus give you pease of mind while you are away on holiday.

Burglary and vandalism are often deterred by the sheer presence of someone at your property.

Our GOAL no matter where you may live, is to come to you and look after your home your pets your animals and livestock.

We will take care of most if not all the things in your holiday checklist, so as to give you peace of mind while you are away on holiday.

My wife and I have been doing farm minding plus town and country house sitting for many years now and are both animal lovers plus both of us are non-smokers.

So thinking holidays? Think Farm Minder Services Town and Country house Sit network.

Your one stop shop for all the care of your home, property, pets ,animals and livestock and most of all to give you peace of mind while you are away on holiday.                                           For all your enquiries Email us today at    farmminderservices@gmail.com 


Client Feedback

"My husband and I live on a five acre lifestyle block with two horses, two cats, two heifers and six sheep in Central Hawkes Bay. We went to Europe of 4 weeks in 2019 and came home to a very tidy and clean house. Rex fixed my fences for me and erected a fence I needed finishing (@ quite a reasonable hourly rate). They mucked out the paddocks weekly for me, mixed feed and hard fed my horses, made sure all of the stock were well watered, and the cats didn't even know we'd been away. We b"
Michelle Martin, Hawkes Bay, NZ

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We are Rex and Marilyn and we would like to introduce you to our website Farm Minder Services.

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