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Our Farming Experience 

A warm welcome from Farm Minder Services plus Urban House sitting and PET and Animal care, you name it and we will mind it.My wife and I have been doing this, Farm Minding and House sitting for many years now and on our travels across the countryside,    we have met a lot of people from all walks of life and have made many good friends.

A little about myself

I am an EX farm manager the property being 4,500 acres in size and being a breeding and fattening property along with a little cropping, winter feed crops that were break feed out to the cows in the winter along with hay.


The farm ran 2,500 Romney ewes, 450 breeding cows, being a mixture of Angus and Charolais and as for the deer 150 breeding Hinds, the stags were hired in to do their job. The only time that contractors were brought was for the likes of sowing the crops as the farm did not have a reliable drill and the other time that contractors were used was for the main shear, other than that that I did everything else along with the help of my wife.I also did any calving that needed to be done as our local vet club was too far away and to get them out was very expensive.

My wife and I managed the property for 18 years until it was sold by the owners. My Wife and I are both NON SMOKERS and both come from a country background and both like our animals. I hope that this will give you a little insight into our Farming Experience and stock management and will put your mind at rest if you do happen to get Farm Minda to come in and take care of your place.

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Client Feedback

"Hi Rex and Marilyn, Farm Minda Services Just a note to say what a pleasure it was for us to have you look after our lifestyle block for two months. Not only did you confidently and competently care for our animals and property while we were away but you welcomed us home with a wonderful home-cooked meal. And the dog loved you so much after she had welcomed us home she sat on the couch with you! I would highly recommend your services and certainly use them again in the future."
Jan Jay, Cambridge

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We are Rex and Marilyn and we would like to introduce you to our website Farm Minder Services.

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