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Leaving your property for just a few days or weeks NO WORRIES. Farm Minder services & urban house sit and all animal & pet care are here to help you. In business since 2008

Going away even just for a few days? has its DISADVANTAGES, your UNOCCUPIED HOME is increasingly at RISK of burglary and VANDALISM and even livestock theft when left unoccupied.  Also if you are a pet owner you may be reluctant using a boarding establishment for them.

Farm Minder house sitting and pet and animal care service means that you can leave your pets at home where they can stay in their own familiar environment and where they can keep to their normal routine. This may include medication and exercises and diet, in fact, they will hardly know that you have gone.


 Burglary and vandalism is a fact and is happening more and more these days if a place is left unoccupied, but is deterred by the sheer presence of someone on the property.

ADVANTAGES  of having Farm Minder there in your home are for mail and paper collection, telephone messages and light gardening maintenance. We are able to provide a general presence at your place in your absence, to DISCOURAGE any INTRUDERS So if you are an urban homeowner, Lifestyle block owner or a farmer, and are wanting to get away on holiday, long or short term and know that while you are away that your place is in good hands and that all animals are been taken care of.


Our clients say that our rates are very very reasonable..


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Client Feedback

"This was our first experience with Farm minda services‭ ‬we needed someone to look after our home,‭ ‬pets and animals For two months while we were away. But after meeting with Rex and Marilyn and speaking with them, they put our minds at ease. We will be calling on them again and will be recommending them To all our friends as they offer a fantastic service at a very reasonable Rates.‭ "
Barbara Hall, Hawkes Bay

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We are Rex and Marilyn and we would like to introduce you to our website Farm Minder Services.

We have been farming for many years now and can extend our service and knowledge to you by taking care of the running and daily routine. With our experience and knowledge we can have your farm running like you never left. CONTACT US HERE to secure your holiday today.


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